How Chat-GPT can help you decode the job ad


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Decoding a job ad can be challenging. It's often difficult to understand the required qualifications, the most important skills, and how to make your candidacy stand out. Chat-GPT can be an excellent resource to help you in this process.

First, we need to assign Chat-GPT a role. In this case, we'd like it to act as an experienced hiring manager who is an expert in defining what they want from a candidate for a specific role. So, our prompt will be:

You are an experienced hiring manager and an expert in understanding what you want from a candidate for a specific job.

Ouf. Chat-GPT is a very thorough hiring manager.

Next, we'll prepare the input for Chat-GPT. You'll need a job ad and your most recent resume, including your achievements and skills. If you need help crafting your resume with Chat-GPT, check out this blog post.

In my case, I prepare the input by simply copying and pasting my CV and the job ad underneath each other in one prompt for Chat-GPT.

Now we're ready to use Chat-GPT for our first task: understanding what the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate for a specific role. We need to go beyond just asking for qualifications and main skills, as Chat-GPT may just repeat the information in the job ad. A skilled hiring manager would want to understand if a candidate can successfully perform the tasks described in the job description. Therefore, we need to add that to our prompt:

Tell me: given the job ad below what are the main skills and background you'll be looking at to understand if a candidate will be successful in the role? Look also at the task that the candidate will be doing.
Job ad =


This approach provides more context for what the candidate should "prove" during the job application process. The more you can include this information in your resume, cover letter, and interviews, the better your chances of landing the job.

Of course, we also want to know how our own experience compares to the job ad. It's time to create a prompt with both the job ad and your resume:

List the strengths and weaknesses you see on the following candidate’s resume compared with the job ad.
Resume = …
Job ad = …


Great! Now we have a better understanding of our fit for the role. This information can help us emphasize our strengths in our resume, cover letter, and interviews. It also highlights areas we may need to clarify or adjust, such as using "Developer" instead of "Engineer" or mentioning that our previous experience involved AI.

Now that we've explored a method to gain insights about a role and how a hiring manager might view our profile, we can approach the job application process with more confidence. Chat-GPT can also assist with crafting a strong resume, writing a persuasive cover letter, and preparing for interviews.

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