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Dear [name of hiring manager],

From the moment I discovered the power of data analysis and its potential to revolutionize businesses, I knew I wanted to be part of an innovative company that thrives on leveraging data for decision-making and continuous improvement. Amazon's commitment to being Earth's most customer-centric company aligns with my own dedication to creating meaningful impact through data-driven strategies, making this Business Analyst Intern position a perfect match for my aspirations.

With a strong academic background in business, data engineering, and economics, I have honed my skills in TABLEAU/Power Query, Excel, and SQL, making me well-equipped to handle the data-centric responsibilities of a Business Analyst Intern at Amazon. My previous experience includes optimizing key processes that led to a 20% increase in efficiency, demonstrating my ability to use data to identify opportunities and drive results. Furthermore, my exceptional problem-solving and communication skills have allowed me to excel in team-oriented environments, facilitating collaboration and the exchange of valuable insights.

As a Business Analyst Intern at Amazon, I am confident that my expertise in data analysis and passion for uncovering insights will contribute to the company's mission of enhancing customer experiences. I look forward to the opportunity to further develop scalable solutions and work alongside a diverse team of professionals, leveraging my skills to help Amazon maintain its status as an industry leader. Thank you for considering my application, and I hope to have the chance to discuss my qualifications further.


[Your Name]

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