Do I really need a LinkedIn profile to use Josie?

Why you need a LinkedIn Profile to Get Started with Josie

To begin using Josie's suite of job search tools, you currently need a LinkedIn profile. While we plan to introduce a manual input option in the future, syncing your LinkedIn profile ensures a seamless experience. Plus, Josie only analyzes publicly available data from your LinkedIn account, ensuring your privacy is respected.

  1. Why you need a LinkedIn profile: Josie's AI algorithms analyze your experience, education, and skills from your LinkedIn profile to provide tailored job recommendations, resumes, cover letters, and interview guides. This analysis is essential for delivering the personalized job search experience Josie is known for.
  2. Privacy and data usage: Josie only accesses publicly available information on your LinkedIn profile. We do not connect your LinkedIn account with your Josie account, ensuring that your personal data and privacy are protected.
  3. The benefits of syncing your LinkedIn profile: Syncing your LinkedIn profile with Josie allows for an efficient, accurate, and seamless job search experience. Our AI algorithms can better understand your career background, making it easier to find the perfect job match.
  4. Future manual input option: We understand that not everyone has a LinkedIn profile or may prefer not to sync it. We're working on introducing a manual input option in the future to cater to those users. In the meantime, we encourage you to create a LinkedIn profile to take full advantage of Josie's powerful job search tools.

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